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C.ex Group - Coffs Harbour, Urunga and Woolgoolga

Welcome to C.ex Group online grants application portal, powered by SmartyGrants. This system allows you to apply for grants / funding from the C.ex Group through a simple, effective and timely process.

How to Apply

(If you already know the ClubGRANTS category under which you will apply, go directly to the category application form links shown in red below.)

All Intra-Clubs need to apply using the Category 2 application form.

If you require assistance with the administrative costs associated with your function, the first step is to obtain a quote and discuss dates and room availability with our Functions Team on functions@cex.com.au. You will need to attach this quote from the Functions Team to your application form. Once you have obtained your quote for administrative costs from our Functions Team, please apply for your grant by selecting the category you will be applying through and use the appropriate application form (either Category 1 or Category 2 below).

There are 3 ClubGRANTS categories operated by C.ex Group directly:

Category 1 funding is available for specific local community priorities such as community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities.

Category 2 funding is focused on core club activities (such as an RSL supporting veterans welfare) and traditional areas of club expenditure, such as support for sport and recreation groups. It also covers tourism promotion as well as not-for-profit cultural activities and not-for-profit visual / performing arts.

In Kind funding is available for specific local community support that fits within the parameters of Category 1 and / or Category 2 above, where payments made are not monetary, but 'in kind'. In this category you may receive in kind payments in the form of courtesy gift vouchers for example. 

Please select the most appropriate grant round for your activity from the list below of Category 1, Category 2 or In Kind grants that are currently open.


There are no rounds available for C.ex Group at the moment.